Pension Protection

Many people and businesses recognise that it is wise to plan for theirs or their staffs retirement. This is especially true for those who are hoping to retire before the usual State Retirement ages.

Putting aside a regular amount of money during your working life is probably the best method to ensure that you will have sufficient income during your retirement. Investing into a Pension plan has historically been the most popular method of making these regular commitments.

The tax advantages offered by the UK Government provide the opportunity for your Pension Fund to grow with virtually no tax. You are also currently allowed to draw a significant amount of your pension fund as a lump sum with no tax payable.

There has been a huge number of changes to retirement planning over recent years, most recently, the changes that took effect in April of this year to unsecured pensions, retirement ages, and annual allowances. It is more important now that it has ever been to ensure you are aware of how these changes can, or will affect you.

We provide tailored advice to individuals or businesses on a whole range of retirement planning aspects including, but not limited to:

Personal Pensions
Group Personal Pensions
Stakeholder Pensions
Income Drawdown
Impaired or Enhanced Annuities
Self Invested Personal Pensions
Auto Enrolment
Pension Transfer
Pension Consolidation

If you are an employer, and are worried about the upcoming requirements to provide staff with a pension scheme, please do not hesitate to call us and set up an appointment.

Whether you are employed, self employed or taking time away from day to day working perhaps as a carer, or to raise your children, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to use other, or additional methods of saving money for their retirement, such as an ISA.